Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Other stuff

A guy and girl put this bound chick through the ringer. She is moaning, begging and screaming
through-out the entire clip. First the deny her orgasms and then they hold that vibrator on her clit through orgasm after orgasm after get the picture.
I don't know any girls who could take this, but I would love to try.

Hot voyeur/exhib movie clip. the movie is called "Antares" on netflix.
I would love to be the guy fucking my wife when the maid comes in. I love the look on her face and then the smirk they give each other.

Here's a bound babe being teased with hands, tongue and the wonderful hitachi magic wand
She is begging to cum

I would love to try this.
I only wish he would've shot a load while talking to her.

Nude Beaches

You have people fucking right on the beach and no one is masturbating while watching.
Come on guys join the fun.

I fucking love nude beaches
How could you resist not to masturbate after walking past these babes

There is nothing hotter than public beach sex.
Heres a bunch of clips mostly of oral beach sex and handjobs.
The picture below is the best one for me. Its the last scene on the 2nd clip. 
The chick just goes crazy sucking him

Lucky fucking guy

I would love to do this to some hot babe on a beach.

Stroke it for her

I would love to here watching this

So heres a hot couple fucking in plain sight right on a nude beach with all of these people watching and no one is masturbating. Not one...come on people, If I were there I would be front and center with my hand sliding up and down my cock with not a care in the world.

Female Masturbate-a-thon
Women line up on beds laying back and masturbating
I would give anything to sit across from them and just stroke my cock

Chastity belt fun

Forced Bi

Interracial Black on White

A young white married couple kneels before their master.

Black couple enjoys fucking their young white couple

this is a husbands job
helping the bull fuck his wife

Once a week at our neighborhood barbecue the wives suck their bbc while the 
husband must sit back and watch.

Like I said. Once a week...umm...maybe twice.

Just another morning of having coffee over Janets house.
Those poor clueless husbands.

more pics of this black on white party at the above link

I just love the way he's using her. 
Hubby must be sitting off to the side in chastity.

Way to go girl. you take that cock.

When my wife saw this guy whip out his cock
she said "I gotta know what that feels like"

Hubby lost a bet to the new neighbors and now he has to watch them both fuck his wife.

Another wife paying off husbands debt

If i don't feel your tongue on my clit in the next 3 seconds 
my husband is going to put his big hard cock right up your ass.

Welcome to the neighborhood. 
You two are going to make nice fuck toys for our friends.

Welcome neighbors

Why don't you stop staring at us and go get us some drinks while we fuck your wife

So what do think of your pretty white wife now.

I love it when a black couple uses a white wife as there fuck toy.

All good little white girls know there place. 
On there knees in front of there mistress licking the pussy.

That poor white chick is gonna have a busy night with these three 

Thats it bitch, lick our pussies while our men fuck your husband in the other room

White couple servicing two black mistresses

Two submissive white chicks licking two dominate black chicks

Big Cocks

Submissive females in bondage

Tell me this isn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
Hot sexy blonde, tied spread eagle and helpless.

I have to get me one of these benches

What more could you ask for.

clothed female nude male (cfnm)

Group orgy 

Hot guy cumming big time.

 Another monster load from a huge cock
This guy cums a ton. Just Check out this link.

A few nice cuckold pages

She could care less about hubby sitting next to her watching as she gets fucked.
All she wants is that big cock sliding in and out of her. 
just look how they stare into each others eyes

Nice compilation vid on cuckolding 

I just like this picture. I imagine it's my wife.

I already told you baby I took care of your husband.
Now, don't move and just relax and take a deep breath.

Don't just stand there watching honey. help me!

Sexy black couple dominating a hot whit chick

Young couple loses bet with the neighbors and has to pay up with their asses.
one of them doesn't look so happy.

I just love to see a couple submit to another couple

And here's another

You know the rules. Losers get fucked in the ass.
Next time guys bet on the right team.

From now on guys this is the only thing way you'll get fucked

MM 69 + FF 69 = fucking hot

Honey, why don't you go over there and fuck him in the ass while his wife licks my pussy

Here's a couple who can't pay the rent so their paying it off with their mouths.
I can't wait to see what happens when they say switch.

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